In two words the movie is: “Worth Watching” in 3D. The movie starts with a animation puppet style story telling about a white peacock called Shen who is the only son of a ruler family in some part of China and their expertise is fireworks. But Shen discovers that fireworks instead of entertainment can also provide the basis of a power weapon — The Canon. With proper amounts of explosives and metal rounds he can wreak havoc and rule China. But there is a prophecy that a black and white warrior would kill Shen and he goes ahead and kills all the Pandas in China and returns victorious.

From here on the focus shifts to the eating binge of Po and the five warriors Tigress,money,mantis,viper and crane. Master Shifu summons Po and urges him to concentrate on learning the art of inner peace. And just after this there is an attach by some bandits on a nearby village and our warriors fly to save the village from the bandits. While fighting the wolf bandits our hero Po comes across a red sign that brings back some images of old memories to Po’s mind and he is confused. He goes back to Mr Ping (his father, the goose) and asks him as to how did he find him and who he actually is. Mr Ping tells him a story that he reached to his doorstep in his supplies of radishes and he decided to adopt him from there on and called him his son.

Meanwhile back in Shen’s hometown Shen reaches with a Canon and takes over the castle by killing one of the most fierce Rhino warrior defending the castle. The news spreads of a weapon that can kill Kung-fu and our five warriors along with Po head to Shen’s hometown to find and destroy the weapon that can kill Kung-fu. During the journey Po gets more and more scenes from the time Shen killed his parents but he is not able to make any sense out of them. The movie from here on has all the funny as well as action antics of our dearest Po.

Our heroes reach the hometown of Shen and their target is not get spotted and reach Shen’s castle and destroy the weapon that can kill Kung-fu. But how can Po go unspotted and Shen comes to know that a panda is here and he is surprised to know this as according to him he has killed all the pandas of China. His oracle again prophesies that he will be killed by a black and white warrior and that he is the one. Shen’s army of wolves captures all our heroes and chains them. And when Po is produced before Shen, he is amused to see that this is the warrior who is destined to kill him. Our warriors now escape and destroy the canon and are happy that the world is now safe, but Shen does not have a single canon but an entire battery of canon which he unleashes and destroys the castle with. And he escapes to his factory of canons.

Our heroes reach the factory and while trying the kill Shen , Po is hit with a canon ball , but is saved by a metal vessel he is holding while all his friends are taken hostage. Shen starts his ships to march towards taking down entire China and becoming the ruler. But Po recovers and masters the inner peace , becomes aware of his past and then comes back with a vengeance. From here on our Po uses his powers of inner peace to destroy Shen’s army and everybody is safe and happy. There was a seed for the next part at the end of the movie which is better seen in the movie itself.

I would rate this one 8/10 and again for the 3D version, people take front row seats i.e. fourth row from the front center corner to enjoy the movie to the maximum.

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