Norway 1    

The open roads, the winding trails and cityscapes all brimming with stories, joys and sorrows of strangers and umpteen sights and sounds  to be seen and heard; and memories yet  to be forged ,

Vistas natural and man-made beckon to me with the alluring promise of experiencing the undiscovered,

As I go through my day I strain to clamp down on my daydreaming, to ignore the urges of my nomadic disposition,

But desire tends to take on its own form; I lose my sanity in flights of fantasies, which warp my sense of reality with a clamorous juxtaposition of fantasy over fact,

Fantasies constructed on gossamers of memories, of winds felt, of sights seen, of conversations and ephemeral friendships, showcasing possible alternate moments in my time stream,

The constant urge for new experiences, for  smiles shared with strangers, of the joy of discovering the unknown in as random a manner as possible, of being on the road with no hurry to get back to a home,



These longings dominate my waking thoughts; make my existence drudgery and an incessant yearning for escape from the mundane,

To be out of my comfort zone in an as yet unknown land, the unknown providing me the happiness of discovery and the warmth of the unfamiliar,

What I seek is not defined in my mind, only the desire for setting out for its discovery is, a muddled timeline perhaps the bane of my existence,

What I seek I will not know when I set out to seek it, and may not even know when I find it, for I seek it with the aid of an itinerary whose very essence is randomness,

Hindsight or post facto rationalization perhaps my only tools to know, or to delude myself into thinking that I do, what it was I was looking for and whether I succeeded in discovering the same

Ultimately it is the journeys that I seek; the destinations are but an afterthought.


By: Aseem Mahajan


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