cell transparent

He had been a happy cell and then reproduction had disrupted his happy equilibrium.

With consciousness had come discomfort and the constant flirtations with the twin serpents that joy and pain are. He had been a happy child but with age had come heartbreak, ambition, joy, envy and pain.

Imagination had diminished with the years passing by but longings had increased in magnitude. Thus the universe conspired to deny him his newly enhanced desires and the possibility of even imagining a fulfilled existence by limiting his access to the panacea of drudgery a.k.a. his imagination.

Growing Up

As he drifted through life stumbling on to one perceived success to another, the more miserable he felt.

Then came the day he abandoned it all. Material possessions were frittered away on his whimsy.

As a homeless guy he had been cold but dry and then came freezing rain.

He had been alive through the misery and the joy but then death had provided the final solution to both these states.

His last but nought thought was -The universe is at best indifferent, at worse positively malevolent.


By- Aseem Mahajan



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