Transfixed he stared at those errant strands wanting nought but to touch them, Tousle those further to see her play longer on the chords that seemed to his touch alluringly welcome,

Those wisps of hair she kept fiddling with when nervous or angry, perhaps driven by a subconscious desire for order amidst the chaos that her life had become,

He heard every word, but heard nothing at all as she told him the story of another day in her life,

A life torn by sorrow and misery and all that had turned her into this perfect creature of strife,

He was jealous of the past as he had not been there, and feared the future where he might be absent again,

For it was unrequited love and friendship blossoming amongst the ruins of a familiar pain,

He remembered the first time he had met her, those incredible moments where his heart shot through the roof,

Where he was dumbfounded as for such a divine creature to exist he needed more than a mere sensory proof,

He talked, she smiled, they spent a memorable evening together with friends, and they parted with a song on his lips.

And she left smiling and playing with the aforementioned wisps,

Time passed and the friendship blossomed, seasons turned from spring to autumn, his heart grew fonder as he on her magical hold over him continued to ponder,

At last there came that day when he gathered his courage , his wits and his abandon , and told her that he loved her and why, his heart filled with fear, hope and wonder,

Then came the crushing lows as she dealt soft but definitive blows, putting him down gently or so she tried,

His heart shed a pound and little by little all the dreams he had built up about that moment shriveled and died,

They remained friends, and every interaction was a painful reminder for him of that awkward, vulnerable moment, torment at the closeness and the distance driving him to insanity,

He often wondered if his infatuation was foolhardy and a simple product of his vanity,

Time heals all wounds and his wounds scabbed over and healed too, he was happy again but scarred,


He smiled as always but there was an occasional ephemeral glint of sadness, as he realized the truth of his being – with a damning loneliness amidst the crowd his entire existence  was to be marred.

By- Aseem Mahajan

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