Posted: 28th April 2015 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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They do not envy your loss, they only envy your gain,
They envy your happiness, they do not envy your pain,
They envy your wandering, they do not envy that you are hopelessly lost,
They envy your enjoyment of the snowfall not the pain you endure with the frost,
They envy your winter sunshine and the summer breeze caressing you with its calming essence,

They do not envy the ones you lost and the ones you ache for even if for an ephemeral presence,

They envy your togetherness and do not envy the long periods of longing,

They envy your interesting life and not your sense of not belonging,

They envy the sane and happy people in your life who bring you joy,

They do not envy the ones who leech your spirit of all hope and with your feelings irascibly toy,

They envy your hope and optimism in the face of defeat,

They do not envy the stress and anxiety you feel as with trepidation you try to your demons beat,

They envy your wings and your flight into the clear open skies,

They do not envy your crashes and the moments when your spirit a slow death dies,


They envy your possessions material and otherwise,

They don’t envy your fading into oblivion in failure’s vice,

They envy what they perceive as an achievement or happiness,

They do not acknowledge or envy your mind numbing pain and duress,

They envy everything positive in your life and turn a blind eye to your struggle,

You cry in anguish and they turn a deaf ear and along with your sadness this wanton apathy too you juggle.

By Aseem Mahajan

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  1. They envy your ability to write poetry and set your thoughts free,
    Yet are not willing to make the effort to write two lines, let alone go on a writing spree.