An Ode to Mom

Posted: 10th May 2015 by aseem.ace in Thoughts
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mothers-dayAs I tend to frequently remind her she was the inspiration for my first ever creative effort. Of all the muses I have flirted with the most enduring one. What can one say about a mother that’s not been said or expressed in the choicest of words or in gestures and expressions that are over and beyond the power of scribbled sentences? I will try anyways.

From the fogs of my earliest memories I can recall the times I was up to no good (and to the utter horror and grief of my parents those times were many) and all she did was scold or chide me. Never has she hit me in exasperation. Amazing patience and fortitude must have been required considering all the little and big things I have done as a child ( I like to think I don’t do such things anymore, but who am I really kidding 😛 ) .

When I fell sick the tender care with which she nursed me back to health made her seem like a Florence nightingale and a personal angel rolled into one.  The frequent prayers and her wishing to take my sickness upon herself to alleviate my misery. 1.5 years ago I had a dose of the same tender care as I felt like a child again looking up at my big beautiful angel as she fussed about me.

The hard commute to work to earn for giving us a semblance of the good life. Working long hours and commuting through ways which were pretty tiring and harsh; yet returning home with the widest of smiles. Pushing me to achieve more, be more . To realize and fulfill my potential.

The journeys where I kept my head in her lap and slept blissfully. Unaware of the heat, humidity and the discomfort it would have been for her on umpteen occasions.

The harsh suffering that came our way 5.5 years ago taking away the best imaginable father and husband and our journey after that has brought us closer.  I had an opportunity to be by her side through the biggest turmoil of our life and she showered me with love and blessings far beyond anything I ever did for her. Leaving her alone with naught but my faithful dog for company is a harsh reality that makes me feel guilty every day.

Seeing her face light up when she plays with my nephew is an indescribable joy.


Her innocence, charity and benevolence makes me want to protect and cherish her. Everything good in me comes from the exemplary conduct I have witnessed her and dad presenting an example of every single day I spent with them.

Through my triumphs and failures she has stood by me. The person who would celebrate my joys and console me on my losses without fail. We may have our misunderstandings , fights and skirmishes but we fight freely only with the people who we know will always forgive us. So forgive me mom for all my harsh words.

Bringing a new person into my life as my partner for the rest of my journey was made so much easier by her warm acceptance. The bond that is nascent yet stronger every day between my mom and my Wife to be makes me happy and proud to have these two beautiful ladies in my life.

I may be far mom but my thoughts are always with you. You are the rainbow after a thunderstorm and my true home would always be incomplete without you. With dad gone and no way to even start repaying my tremendous debt to him; plus the place you hold in my heart, all I will ever do for you will be but insufficient. May you have a happy, healthy and wonderful life ahead. All of us love you and cherish you so much. Happy Mothers’ Day mom.

By- Aseem Mahajan


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