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First step is to make sure that he who dies, dies not in vain, 
Second to make sure that he who screams, screams not in pain, 
Third that the tears which come unbidden are those of joy and sorrow casts not a shade on our ephemeral existence, 
Fourth that we laugh honestly at least once a day and do something that makes  at least one person grateful for our existence, 
Fifth that we empathize with those who have a sorrow darkening their skies, 
Sixth we make memories to cherish with friends and family as time on silent wings flies, 

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Seventh that we imagine, read and do things that open our minds to the wonders of this glorious world we share, 
Eighth we do not develop walls confining and constricting our emotions and show to everyone who matters that we honestly care, 
Ninth life is short and we may be gone by the morrow but let’s be fireflies on the darkest of nights, 
Tenth let the world shine brighter with our glowing selves and on the moonlit sky let’s cast our lights, 
Eleventh we shall see suffering but not let that define us for the worst, 
Twelfth let’s not settle for the average and let’s shoot for the stars even if it be in the shortest burst,

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Thirteenth let’s make our living matter as we are privileged to be the spectators to the glory of the universe, 
Fourteenth let us feed our souls by creating and consuming music, art, poetry and verse, 
Fifteenth the music shall linger even when the smiles fade if we find a way to express the inexpressible poetry inherent in the apparently mundane, 
Sixteenth let’s all shed our circumscribed selves and cast off the chains that make us definably sane, 
Seventeenth the mind is a minefield or a valley of flowers and the choice is always ours to make,
Eighteenth the world is enough to absorb, absolve and forgive all our errors, and the greatest joy of being alive is Ours to define and take,

Meaning may ultimately be found or not in a person, feeling, a cause or a thousand random things,

But at least the  search for meaning keeps us going on this journey despite all the twists and turns which time brings.


By – Aseem Mahajan

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