forest night

On a clear winter night he ventured further into the unknown. Despite his love of adventure and a spirit tempered in the forges of extremes of failure and success he was still shaking inside with a curious mix of joy and trepidation. He was prepared for the unpredictable dangers that lurked on this path he had chosen. At least he reassured himself he was; as his heartbeat refused to heed his logic and as far as he could tell trumpeted his fear to all who could hear.
There were countless before him who had embarked on this adventure and many had found joy and glory. But there were legends and stories of those who had fallen or gone insane due to the perils of the unknowable. Those who lived out their lives in the strange lands dead inside and automatons trying to hide their reality but the fact that they were the walking dead was as clear as if they were but naked corpses for the perceptive mind. There were perils and horrors that would make the bravest of men queasy and there were temptations that would lure an ascetic into breaking his vows.

The only certainty was the uncertainty and unpredictability of what course the road would take. He was trying to look brave for those who were seeing him off and could not shake the feeling that he was akin to a well fed goat being delivered into the maws of a lion with happy faces signalling total apathy on the part of the spectators. Ah well, he had consented , nay, chosen this path to walk down . All the blame would squarely lie on him if it went awry and he would also get to gloat about the glory for any and all success to himself if not to the world at large.

His reverie was broken by the priest as he asked him to do the next part of the ritual. Marriage was a grand adventure and to cohabit with the strange yet wonderful creatures that women were, particularly she was, he was willing to challenge the odds. He smiled a smile meant to convey confidence and joy as he swallowed another bout of fear. This was a joyous day. Only his friends lamented the fall of another brethren. But they were too drunk on the celebrations to give a fig.

Funny Indian Couple


By- Aseem Mahajan

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